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5 steps to master career change

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

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Are you courting the idea of a career change? Or, stepping into a new position at work?

Navigating changes at work can seem exciting, daunting, and scary. Change is an inevitable part of life. And, with the amount of time and focus on work – it’s imperative we gain a good mastery of the changes within our professional life.

Change is my game. Take it from me. I have spent two decades guiding and coaching candidates through career shifts as an HR recruitment professional. I have lived on two coasts and two continents over the last 10 years. Through my experiences, I learned a few steps along the way that I thought you might find helpful both personally and professionally.

Here are my five steps, tried and true, for mastering change:

1. Let go of old narratives around your career. Create space for change.

2. Be positive! Reframe and reset your relationship with change. Mindset counts.

3. Don’t cling to an absolute outcome. Go with the flow and you might be surprised.

4. Be okay with deviating from the social norm. Lean into the discomfort of change.

5. Micro steps create advancement. A change a day goes a long way!

If you are feeling a bit excited yet scared to take on that new business venture, position, or task at work, ask yourself, which of these steps might be your guide. I found that, typically, these steps will help push you forward with change and remove some of the mental blocks.

Can we get better at mastering change? Yes, we can! Like building muscle at the gym, change can be learned, strengthened, and developed. You can become your very own change agent. And enjoy the process along the way.

More times than not, when I have helped candidates go from one job to another – aside from assessing qualifications, it’s merely reassuring them they can make the change. It’s giving them the mental and energetic boost they need. It’s guiding them as they discover the commonalities between where they are now and where they want to go.

I implore you to take steps to master change in your professional life. Mastering change is an excellent practice to establish and a gift to yourself.

What steps and tools have you leveraged to master career change? I would be interested to hear your comments below.

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